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Welcome to the Flex Innovations - FV-31 Cypher Wiki

FV-31 Cypher

Aircraft Info

Manuals and Documents

Product Information

CAUTION: You must disconnect all motors and securely restrain your Cypher when making and/or testing configuration changes

Configuration Tools for Betaflight

Use a Configuration Tool to Set or Reset the Angle/Six Axis Level

NOTE: The wing-leveling six-axis mode is named ANGLE MODE in Betaflight lingo.
  • Place your Cypher on a level surface. Check that wings are level. Shim the nosewheel up 2-5mm to set a more positive angle. (The angle relates to trim speed and can be set to taste).
  • Connect to your configuration tool and navigate to the Setup page.
  • With the Cypher level per above, click the Calibrate Accelerometer button.
  • Note the settings are now zeroed out. You are finished. Click Disconnect.

Radio Brand Setup Information NOT In Manual

NOTE: There is additional information below on Telemetry for your consideration.

General FLEXF3 LED Notes

    FLEXF3 Reference Diagram with LED's
    • Solid blue LED indicates the PCB has power
    • Solid Red LED indicates the motors are armed and can run or are running.
    • Flashing RED LED indicates the motors are NOT able to be armed.
    • Red LED unlit indicates it is able to be armed.

Troubleshoot ARMING Difficulties

FV-31 Cypher Arming (Default)
Use low throttle and right rudder to arm.
Use low throttle and left rudder to disarm

Cypher is ARMED by commanding stick center, throttle low, right rudder.
Cypher is disarmed by commanding stick center, throttle low, left rudder.

  • Click this link to see notes on trouble shooting including a complete list of Prevention Flag Meanings
  • Review notes at link above for Betaflight 3.5
  • Note your Cypher's Arming Disable Flags using the Betaflight Configurator on the Setup page in the Info box at right.
  • Some common (beep code) Examples: (visible by Red LED flash or in configurator)
    • (2) FAILSAFE - Rx signal indicates Failsafe
    • (3) RXLOSS - No valid Rx signal found - Check Tx and Rx on and bound and connected
    • (7) THROTTLE - Throttle too high - lower throttle or check that trim is sufficiently low
    • (8) ANGLE - Cypher must be level within 25 degrees to arm
    • (13) CLI - CLI mode is active - Exit CLI and/or Disconnect configurator
    • (17) MSP - Connected to configurator - Disconnect

Experimenter and Tech Corner

Entire Betaflight Wiki here for reference

  • Click this link for the Betaflight Wiki
  • Note that FV-31 Cypher code is based on Betaflight version 3.5. It is unique code, and it is not possible to build it with the 'generic source code'. Likewise, Cypher code is unique, and is not expected to work with other vehicles.
  • Note that the FLEXF3 Board/PCBA is hardware specifically developed by Flex Innovations for the FV-31 Cypher.

Enabling Telemetry

Optional Electronic/Configurator Adjustments

Power and Accessory Notes

CAUTION: You must disconnect all motors, or securely restrain your Cypher when making and/or testing configuration changes