FlexJet TV Latest Updates, Build Tips and Addendum

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Latest Updates

Printed Manual Typo

The Fin Tube is glued into the fin at the factory. You may proceed on one of two paths:

  • Simply plug the fin into the fuselage and attach it with the screw


  • Glue the fin tube into the fuselage. (this would require breaking and shaving the fin off of the fin tube should the fin ever require replacement).

See below for general tips

Latest Online Manual

The Latest Version of the FlexJet TV Manual (Rev - 1.0) is available online.

  • This version matches the printed manual. (See add-in note on Gear Travel below)
  • See Build Tips below for minor updates.

Build Tips

Initial Build

Stab/Tailpipe Video
Linkage Installation
  • When using the new Spektrum "T" Spektrum Receivers such as the AR8010T, AR9030T, etc. the Aura needs to be Firmware 1.6 (it ships with a higher version) to establish connection via SRXL as noted on our AR8010T page.
    • The AR8010T is our highest recommended Spektrum Receiver for the FlexJet TV.
  • For Futaba users, our highest recommended FASST receiver is the R7008SB or R6303SB. For FHSS, the R2008SB.
  • Per the manual insert, please set your transmitter CH5/Gear Travel to +-125% to ensure the Gear Sequencer will follow the transmitter and function properly.
Side Fairing Installation
  • The Stab Linkage is located on the Outer-most hole from center at the Stab Arm End (aft end). Check/Connect the Clevis/Pushrod to the Stab Arm.
  • The Stab Linkage is located the 2nd hole from the center at the Servo End. Attach the Stab Linkage to the Servo Arm.
  • The free Stab end Arm and Clevis can be turned together to make pushrod length adjustments while checking. Screw the Arm in place after correct trim is confirmed. (as described in Manual P. 11, Step 5)
  • It is likely that your Ventral Fins are already installed, so you may not have to install these per the manual.
  • Your Side Fairings behind the stab are likely NOT installed (change to prevent shipping damage). They are likely packed with your missile rails. Please glue them onto the aft fuselage with CA or Epoxy before installing the tail cone.
  • Please check the glue joints of the Rib in the fuselage socket where the wing attaches. Add some medium CA as needed. There have been several reports of inadequate glue.

Click to view a Stab/Tailpipe Instructional Video on YouTube

Full Build Video

Click to view the Full Build Instructional Video on YouTube
Note: This is for the normal Flexjet, but nearly all of the covered areas still apply.

Timeline for specific segments of this video!
(Go to YouTube Page and you will have links)

Full Build Video

Introduction - 0:00
Required Tools and Accessories - 0:52
Spektrum Transmitter Setup - 2:02
Spektrum Receiver Installation - 6:23
Futaba Transmitter Setup - 10:07
Futaba Receiver Installation - 16:14
Removal of Tail Pipe and Exhaust Nozzle - 19:44
Horizontal Stabilizer Installation - 22:24
Main Wing Installation - 31:03
Vertical Fin Installation - 35:00
Tail Pipe and Nozzle Installation - 43:53
Missile Rail Installation - 49:17
Pre-Flight Checks - 50:13
Outro - 54:20

General Tips

  • It is possible to scrape the ventral fins and tail cone on the ground on landing. You can put a couple of layers of clear tape on the bottom of these to reduce wear
  • As described in the manual (P. 9, Top), Arm the retracts before each flight.
  • Please read the Quick Trim section of the manual carefully, noting it has the ability to fine tune the Stab Trim in pitch and roll Before and/or After flying.

Aura Tips

  • For Aura new comers, note that ANY Aura servo port (ex. Nose Wheel Steering) can be subtrimmed using the Aura Config Tool (set View->Advanced). Config Tool->Servo Ports->Subtrim. Be sure to WRITE to Aura to utilize the new settings. Most other parameters can also be adjusted in the Aura Config Tool
  • For Aura veterans, please note that the FlexJet TV uses Ch5/Gear for Retracts (2 position switch preferred), and Ch6/Aux1 for Aura Flight Modes (3 position switch preferred). This is different than most of the previous 5 channel SPNP planes.

Please consult the FlexJet TV Manual for Build instructions.


See Fin Tube, Retract Sequencer, Fairing Attachment, and other notes. -Above-

Parts Notes

  • The Left Main Landing Gear Door uses the NORMAL direction servo. FPZDS12
  • The Right Main Landing Gear Door and Nose Door use the REVERSE direction servo. FPZDS12R
  • The Nose Wheel Steering uses the REVERSE direction servo. FPZDS12R
  • See the Part List Here