Futaba Use - General Notes

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Futaba Installation Notes and Equipment Selection

There are two ways to connect the Aura to your Futaba Receiver:

  • Futaba S.Bus
  • Traditional PWM Servo Connection

NOTE: Any recommendations are based on years of knowledge and product use and are informational only.

  • We do not 'specify' radio installations. Consult your radio manufacturer for radio information.
  • We test and support the use genuine Futaba brand equipment.

Futaba S.Bus

  • Preferred way to connect the Aura to Futaba Receivers
  • S.Bus - S.Bus is serial data on one wire (Digital). It gives the Aura knowledge of all of the available Futaba channels.
    • Aura will follow the Failsafe outputs of the Futaba Receiver.
    • Recommended for all aircraft types
    • S.Bus Input plugs into Aura Port B (Servo Bus)
    • Precise digital Data
    • Availability of all 8 Aura Ports as outputs
    • Receiver ports are also active and available for use

Traditional PWM Servo Connections

  • Least preferred
  • Recommended for all aircraft types.
  • Supports virtually all receivers
  • Limits port availability. Typically Aura will be configured with 4 inputs and 4 outputs with PWM.

Installing your Aura

General information regarding Installing the Aura.

Additional information for Large Aircraft Installs.