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Jeti Installation Notes

If you have any issues, successes or feedback regarding using Aura with Jeti, we'd love to get your feedback! Please send E-mail to Aura Support

Jeti Setup Notes

This document will provide the instructions and reference materials. Please START by downloading and thoroughly reviewing this file:

Remember Aura Expects one Aileron, one Elevator, and one Rudder signal along with a Flight Mode change Signal (as listed in the Reference Materials) to provide basic function.

Jeti Transmitter Files

Jeti Systems require more configuration than some other brands due to the several facts including that it does not have a supported 'always on' and dedicated serial data port for UDI, and because it shares an identical UDI/SRXL header byte (identifier code) with JR DMSS Mode B. Jeti is very flexible and powerful, but follows the European tradition of requiring the user to configure many things 'from scratch' (Examples: Flap System, Serial Output for specific Receiver).

We strongly recommend starting fresh with our transmitter file that provides a pre-configured setup of the channel data in the order, amount, and direction, etc Aura Expects. These are the general purpose transmitter files for typical models (If the UDI settings do not come in automatically, you can set them per the references in the PDF file just above) Load the appropriate file into your transmitter and select the model:

Note: When using these Transmitter Model Files, you should be able to simply Auto-Detect (as JR Mode B), Check, and Fly Flex Innovations PNP models like the Cessna 170, Mamba 10, and QQ Extra. No Aura programming is required at all.

Open Stock Aura Programming

For Aura Quick Setup users It works just like other supported brands when using the .JSN files above, and auto-detects as JR Mode B! Connect your UDI Pin/Port to servo Port B of Aura.

For Open Stock Aura Config Tool users, it is recommended that you use the New Aura Config File (Wizard) and create a model file specifically for your model. We do provide these files for Test/Reference however.

Helpful links for Jeti Information and Firmware

NOTE: The special UDI 16 3.24 firmware has a different Header ID byte and is not supported at this time.
NOTE: The S.bus 3.24 firmware has not been tested and is not supported by Flex Innovations.

Check/Update your Jeti receiver firmware before continuing! Firmware 3.24 standard or higher is considered MANDATORY by Flex Innovations.

Installing your Aura

General information regarding Installing the Aura.

Additional information for Large Aircraft Installs.