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NOTE: Remove props/fans and restrain you model during the update process!

Changelog for Firmware 4.2.0 R2.1 including SRXL2

Since Early July 2020, all Cyphers shipping from Flex in the USA come with FW4.2 installed and set as noted.

  • Moves to Betaflight 4.2.0 platform (From 3.5)
    SRXL2 Cable (FPZA1039)
  • Adds support for select Spektrum SRXL2 Receivers with telemetry and full range reception with diversity: (Adapter Cable Required for ALL of these: FPZA1039). Other receivers are NOT expected to work as they require negotiation for data and Horizon wrote the Betaflight SRXL2 Code which does NOT negotiate.
    • SPM4651 - Full Range Telemetry, Micro with Case, with Connector, Highest Recommended by Flex
    • SPM4650 - Short Range Telemetry, Micro, Requires soldering cable or connector. (can eliminate micro connector)
    • SPM4650C - Short Range Telemetry, Micro, with Connector
  • Defaults to Spektrum SRXL2 serial receiver type and Telemetry ON upon flash/out of box
    SRXL2 Cable with a Flight Controller)
  • Includes minor improvements including elevator trim compensation for smoother transitions to forward flight.
  • Settings are tweaked for better yaw authority/response in hover modes.
  • Flex pilots have tested the AIRMODE feature whose selection slider is found on the Configuration screen. They found that the control in hover modes is stronger, and behavior on the ground in hover modes is less care-free, but still good. After testing the normal settings in FW4.2.0, expert pilots may want to give AIRMODE a try! (Set slider ON and Save and Reboot)

Updating to Firmware 4.2.0 R2.1


Firmware 1,2,3

Normal Firmware Update (see alternate at bottom)

Note: This is straight forward using the in APP controls and prompts, but we will do a detailed step by step instruction here.

  • Disconnect the USB Cable from the FLEXF3.
    Firmware File
  • Now Connect the USB cable from the FLEXF3 to the PC.
  • Press the Connect (1) button at the top right of the Betaflight Configurator. (Check that it connects and finds the proper USB Port.)
  • Press the Update Firmware (2) button at the top right.
    Firmware Flash
  • Press the Load Firmware [Local] (3) button at the bottom right.
  • Select the *.hex file from the location you stored it in prep.
  • Leave the default settings at the top left area, then make sure ALL the sliders are OFF.
  • Now change the Full chip erase slider to ON.
  • Press the Flash Firmware button
  • You will see the Flashing... progress bar moving, then Verifying... and after a couple minutes green Programming: SUCCESSFUL and the firmware update is complete.

Update Cypher BetaFlight Settings for your equipment

  • At this point after firmware update your FLEXF3/Cypher has the latest factory default settings, so you can set it as if it were new.
  • BF 4.2 REQUIRES that you Calibrate Accelerometer on the Setup screen before you can Arm/Fly. This is documented on the main Cypher VTOL Wiki page.
  • BF 4.2 for Cypher defaults to TELEMETRY ON. If you are not using Telemetry, you MUST move the slider on the Configuration screen to OFF.
    BF Telem
  • The Cypher 4.2 defaults to the new Spektrum SRXL2 radio settings. For other radio settings consult the Cypher Manual to choose as before.
    • Spektrum SRXL (older) users, you will select SPEKTRUM2048/SRXL with telemetry On or Off depending on equipment and connection.
    • Other radios select your Serial Receiver Provider per the Instruction Manual or Wiki.

Alternate Firmware Flash Method

If you have difficulties flashing firmware Click for Alternate Firm Ware Update Procedure using Boot Pins

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