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We made improvements to the DS15 Servo used in the Extra G2, but the roll-out of the servo was not properly controlled at the assembly line.
Because of this, a small quantity of Extra's with improved servos were shipped without the matching updates to the Aura Settings.

If your Extra feels like the gains are too high (typically indicated by in-flight oscillation or excessive "bouncing" after hard stops), then install our newest Aura configuration for the QQ Extra 300 G2.

  • Connect your Extra's Aura to the Aura Config Tool. Read the settings from Aura and File->Save them to a folder on your PC for backup.
  • Right-Click and Save As the new Aura Config File to a folder on your PC.
  • File-->Open the new Aura Config File you just downloaded in the Aura Config Tool.
  • On the Settings Tab, set your Transmitter Type and Receiver Connection fields.
  • With the Aura still Connected Write All to Aura.

NOTE: If you have manually set Aura Subtrims, or have previously done a QUICK TRIM, You can Open your back-up of your old settings and go through the Servo Ports (S1-S8) and make a NOTE of the Subtrim value in each port. You can then Read your new settings from Aura and enter these values in the Servo Ports->Subtrim and Write them to Aura. (Make sure you set View->Advanced View)

NOTE: If replacing servos with newly ordered (DS15 V2) ones after early July 2019, you will need to load the new configuration file.

Right-Click to Save As the new Extra Aura Config File