How to Enable/Disable the Crow Switch using Quick Set from your Transmitter

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Crow Quick Set Procedure for Twin Otter 80E

To enter Quick Set mode, the Aura must receive a valid signal from the Receiver when the Aura is powered up.

Make sure your Transmitter is setup with your CH8/Aux3 channel assigned to a 2 Position switch for Crow.

Step 1 - Enter Quick Set mode

  1. Make sure all power is off on the Twin Otter 80E
    • Remove the prop before making changes with Quick Set
  2. Turn on your transmitter
  3. Remove the Servo lead from Aura Port S2.
  4. Put a bind plug in Aura Port S2.
  5. Plug in the battery to power up the Twin Otter
  6. The Orange LED will be OFF while the Green LED is ON indicating you are in the Quick Set mode and receiving a valid signal from the Receiver.

Step 2 - Choose Crow Option

After entering Quick Set mode as described above, toggle the CH8/Aux3 channel switch on the transmitter to ENABLE or DISABLE the Crow functionality.

  1. If the Red LED is ON, the Crow option is ENABLED in the Aura.
  2. If the Red LED is OFF, the Crow option is DISABLED in the Aura.

Step 3 - Save the desired Crow Option

  1. After correctly toggling the CH8/Aux3 switch to Enable or Disable the Crow option, remove the bind plug save the settings.
  2. The LEDs will turn on while the Aura is saving, then will go back to their previous state.
  3. Completely power off the Twin Otter and Aura
  4. Replace the Servo Lead in Aura Port S2
  5. Power up, confirm that the Crow option can be activated with the CH8/Aux3 Switch and Fly!