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Spektrum Installation Notes and Equipment Selection

There are several ways to connect the Aura to your Spektrum Receiver:

  • Spektrum SRXL
  • Spektrum Remote Receiver 'Satellites'
  • Traditional PWM Servo Connection
  • PPM Connection

NOTE: Any recommendations are based on years of knowledge and product use and are informational only.

  • We do not 'specify' radio installations. Consult your radio manufacturer for radio information.
  • We test and support the use of genuine Spektrum brand equipment only.

Spektrum SRXL

SRXL is modern digital data on one wire (similar to Futaba S.Bus). It gives the Aura precise knowledge of all of the available Spektrum channels.

  • Most Preferred and capable Spektrum connection
  • Aura will follow the Failsafe outputs of the SPM Receiver.
  • Recommended for all aircraft types
  • Receiver Ports can be used along with Aura Ports.
  • SRXL is input into standard Aura's B Port (servo bus). Port A is preferred for Aura Professionals.
  • Some Spektrum receivers to not pass correct throttle failsafe data to the SRXL stream. The rule is.... If your receiver (not Aura) has a working throttle port, USE IT!
  • AR12120, AR12020, AR9020, and AR7700 are supported with Aura Firmware 1.3 and higher
  • AR8010T, AR9030T are supported (with Aura Firmware 1.4 and higher). Great choices to pair with all Aura's including Aura Professionals. These are modestly priced and offer Telemetry, and up to 4 receiver diversity!
  • Generally we recommend full range receivers for aircraft up to 49cc, and full range receivers with 3 or more receivers (antenna) for 50cc and larger aircraft
  • Power Safe Receivers work very well with the standard Aura 8. See the article on Large Aircraft.

NOTE: At this time, Spektrum Powersafe SRXL Receivers: AR9130T and AR12300T and 20300T are NOT permitted for use with Aura due to the Spektrum Recall (Link)
The new updated model numbers (example AR12310T) for these are reported to be working well!

Spektrum Remote Receiver 'Satellites'

Remote Receiver 'Satellites' are typically used as remote receivers on other Spektrum products.

  • The Remote Receiver is plugged directly into standard Aura Mini Port A -or- Mini Port A and Mini Port B.
  • Remote Receivers are NOT supported by the Aura Professionals
  • The Aura starts the Remote Receiver's Bind Process using a Bind Plug directly in Aura.
  • Aura has knowledge of all available Spektrum channels
  • DSMX is recommended, DSM2 is also supported at this time.
  • One can be used for park flyers, and two for larger electrics per recommendation.
  • Works with all known Spektrum Brand Receivers outputting the 'Remote Receiver Signal'. This now includes several types of single antenna and diversity (dual) antenna remote receivers.
  • Recommended for Electric aircraft up to 120 size
  • While it is the users discretion, we do not recommend their use on ignition engines. With the recent broad availability SRXL Receivers (including low cost ones), we feel it is more conservative and appropriate to use them as they offer the benefits of additional buffer between the ignition and the Aura, and receiver ports for the throttle, choke, and ignition and the receiver's direct failsafe as well. Many also offer Telemetry options as well. This method can also better mitigate the risk of Remote Receiver cable/connector fatigue or failure.

Serial Telemetry Receiver (SPM4649T)

  • SPM4649T is not currently supported. May be supported in future Aura Config Tool Update

Traditional PWM Servo Connection

PWM (Servo Leads) connect the each channel on your Receiver directly to each Servo Port on the Aura.

  • Recommended for all aircraft types.
  • Supports virtually every receiver
  • Limits port availability. Typically Aura will be configured with 4 inputs and 4 outputs with PWM. (8 outputs with Aura 12 Professional)
  • Some features such as QuickSetup and QuickTrim are NOT supported with PWM connections.
  • All (typically 4) PWM (servo jumper) connections MUST be present to get control of the model which is indicated by a solid green Aura LED (valid radio signal)


PPM (Pulse Position Modulation) all Servo pulses on one wire

  • Works with all aircraft type based on Receiver capability.
  • Limited Spektrum Receivers usage (AR7700)
  • PPM is input into Aura's B port (servo bus)
  • Since most of these Receivers also offer SRXL, SRXL is preferred

Installing your Aura

General information regarding Installing the Aura.

Additional information for Large Aircraft Installs.

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