Crow & Airbrake Mix Reversing for Futaba Users

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Main Issue
Typically, is preferred to connect your throttle servo lead, or ESC lead to your receiver when using Futaba S.Bus along with an Aura AFCS product. However, in doing so, you may find that your throttle to crow (or airbrakes) mix may work improperly on several of our products. Follow the steps below to reverse this mix.

If you are working on an electric aircraft, it is imperative that you remove the propeller before beginning this adjustment. Failure to do so could result in serious injury.

Verify Throttle Direction and Mix Direction

1) First, we need to verify a few things to make sure the mix is actually incorrect.

A) Verify the throttle functions properly and in the right direction. If it does not, get this working properly first, by making any changes required.
B) Verify the mix is working incorrectly. Crow or airbrakes should only be active at idle, and surfaces should proportionally return to neutral until the throttle is approximately set to half. From there, the surfaces should be neutral, from half to full throttle.

If your mix does not work as described above, proceed with the following steps:

Download the Aura Config Tool

If you haven't already, be sure to download the Aura Config Tool for Windows-based PC's. You'll need this tool to adjust the mix. You can find the download page for the Aura Config Tool HERE

Connect to, and Read from your Aura

1) Open the Aura Config Tool. Once open, connect your Aura product to your computer using the provided USB to micro-USB cable. Your computer will typically emit a tone when it is connected.

2) In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, click "Connect".

AuraConfigTool Connect.JPG

3) A pop-up window should show that the Aura was successfully connected. Click OK.

AuraConfigTool SuccessfullyConnected.JPG

4) In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you should now see a "Read From Aura" option. Click "Read From Aura". This will pull the file on the Aura up on the screen so that it can be altered.

AuraConfigTool Read.JPG

5) A pop-up window should show that the Read From Aura was successfully completed. Click OK.

AuraConfigTool ReadComplete.JPG

Navigate To the Mix

1) Near the top left-hand side of the screen, you should see a tab labeled "Mixes". Click this tab to open the mixes screen.

AuraConfigTool Mixes.JPG

2) Once on the Mixes Tab, use the drop-down menu, or up and down arrows to find the mix. The mix will have throttle as the master, and a "ghost" channel, like Channel 21 for example, as the slave.

AuraConfigTool MixTab.JPG

Adjusting The Mix

1) To start the adjustment, return the current "Mix Rate Negative" to 0.

AuraConfigTool MixRateNegative.JPG

2) Adjust the "Mix Rate Positive" to -100

AuraConfigTool MixRatePositive.JPG

Saving Your Changes to Aura

1) After completing the changes to the mix, we must save those changes to the Aura. To do so, simply click "Write All To Aura" in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

AuraConfigTool WriteAllToAura.JPG

2) You should get a confirmation message confirming that the changes have been 'written' to the Aura. Click OK.

AuraConfigTool WriteToAuraComplete.JPG

3) Simply click "Disconnect" in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, and then remove the USB cable from the Aura. Be sure to test and verify that all is functioning properly before flight. Crow or airbrakes should only be (proportionally) active below half throttle. Once verified working properly, that's it, you're done!

AuraConfigTool Disconnect.JPG