Cessna 170 Build Tips

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  • No assembly tips outside the manual at this time other than the Landing Gear Addendum seen on previous page.
  • When programming your Transmitter per the Instruction Manual, it is strongly recommended to start with a new 'freshly reset' airplane model memory, then apply the few settings per page 12 in the Manual. Do NOT put the Aura Configuration Reference settings into the Transmitter.
  • Typically for TRANSMITTER settings:
    • Wing Type will be set to 1 aileron (default) and 1 flap (if offered).
    • Tail Type is typically left at the default of one elevator and one rudder.
  • Firmware v1.3 offers some enhancements for Cessna Users over previous Aura Firmware's
    • Quick Set to allow enabling of a Master Gain without a PC
    • Support for SPM AR7700 Rx in SRXL mode
  • When using the new "T" Spektrum Receivers such as the AR8010T, the Aura MUST be updated via Aura Config Tool to Firmware 1.4 to establish connection via SRXL as noted on our AR8010T page.