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Installation and Use of Configurators for Betaflight

Various FV-31 Cypher FLEXF3 settings can be edited using a BetaFlight Configuration Tool. There are several independent config tools to choose from. We use the following ones. Only one configurator install is needed. Multiple links to multiple platforms and versions are provided below.

Betaflight Configurator

BetaFlight Configurator For Windows PC

  • Typically for Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC you will scroll down and click to install the Asset with the name "betaflight-configurator-installer_<version>_win32.exe".
  • Works via Micro USB cable. Versions for Mac OS X and Linux may also be available, though Flex does not test or support these versions.
  • CLICK here for installation links for the latest Betaflight Configurator Release Scroll down and look for the 10.5.1 version per above.
  • If not connecting, click on the top TWO links on the Configurator's Welcome page to install the device drivers.
    • CP210x Drivers
    • STM USB VCP Drivers
NOTE: 10.5.1 (V10.51) Betaflight Configurator is known working. Later versions will offer NO benefits for Cypher users.
NOTE: We recommend and support the use on PC's of the full installed BetaFlight Application linked above. The Chrome/Chrome Store browser applet is not supported, and is known to have issues.

SpeedyBee App

Speedy Bee Betaflight App for Android

Works via Bluetooth or Micro USB cable (Micro USB requires OTG adapter for most devices)

There is no need to update if you have a version that works. You will not get any new Cypher features.

Speedy Bee Betaflight App for iOS

(Apple Iphone and Ipad). Works via Bluetooth.

There is no need to update if you have a version that works. You will not get any new Cypher features.

Notes on Use of ALL Configurators

  • Speedy Bee and Betaflight Configurator interfaces are nearly identical. Common instructions can be used for both platforms.
  • General tips on using and troubleshooting your configurator can be found on its Welcome and Documentation & Support pages
  • As above, you have two choices to connect your configurator's device to your Cypher's FLEXF3.
    Micro USB Cable
    • The provided USB Cable connects your Cypher's FLEXF3 to your Android device or PC etc.
      • Launch your Configurator, Plug in the cable, Hit connect
      • Additional power to the Cypher should not be required to make adjustments (powered via USB)
    • The provided Bluetooth (BLE) Dongle for IOS and Android phones and tablets plugs into the white connector next to the USB connector
      Bluetooth BLE FLEX BT Dongle
      • Plug in the dongle flat side up then power-up your Cypher with a flight battery.
      • Launch the Speedy Bee App and hit the 'Start Scanning' button. Connect to the Flex BT device.
      • Settings will load automatically
      • Make adjustments
      • Remove dongle before flight!
NOTE: There should be no need to go to your devices "Bluetooth Settings". The BLE Dongle should simply work from the APP.

Configurator related settings and topics can be found HERE

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