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Setup for using a FRSky or OpenTx Tx/Rx

Always start with a reset/new transmitter model!

SBUS Connects like Futaba

NOTE: You will use the 3-Pin to 4-Pin Male to Male cable provided to connect the FR Sky Rx to the FLEXF3. This is the same cable arrangement shown on page 15 of the manual for the Futaba connections. (Non-Telemetry)

CYPHER/Betaflight Settings

Use one of the Betaflight configuration tools to make these settings. Be sure to SAVE the configuration page after adjustments.
We have not tested FRSky Telemetry at this time. If you have information, you can send it to and we can update our content.

Configuration Page

Betaflight Serial Provider Settings
Betaflight Channel Map Setting
Out of the box, only the 'Serial Receiver Provider' and 'Channel Map' below should need a change.
Receiver Mode            ->  Serial Based Receiver (Cypher Default)
Serial Receiver Provider ->  SBUS                  
Telemetry slider         ->  OFF                   (Cypher Default)
SAVE the page!

Receiver Page

Channel Order            ->  AETR1234  (When Tx order is set to AETR)
SAVE the page!
NOTE: AETR1234 is the order Futaba (creator of S.Bus) uses.

FRSky Transmitter settings:

Do all command/control checks in the manual. Expert users please provide feedback to

This 3rd party Josh Bardwell Video should be very helpful when setting up and FRSky Taranis for Betaflight. It gives the general setup for Betaflight. You will need to note/set your CH5 and CH6 switch settings below.
Betaflight Travel Tune Notes
 -Note they set channel order to AETR (Set this)          (2:50)
 -They pick a Quad Type, We suggest Airplane.             (3:15)
 -8 Channels will be fine (or your preference)            (5:55)
 -Good 'End Point' section                                (7:40)
 -Switch set example, but not Cypher specific, see below  (11:35)
This 3rd party GetFPV Video may also provide you with some general non-specific FRSky use background info.

NOTE: Use a Receiver with diversity and SBUS out capability.
NOTE: You should verify the completed settings using the tools using the BetaFlight Receiver page.


Name:                  Cypher
Model Type:            Plane/Acro
Wing type:             1 Ail, 0 Flaps          (default)
Tail type:             Normal 1 Elev 1 Rudd    (default)
Throttles:             1                       (default)
The rest are defaults                          (default)
Assign a 2-position switch to CH5              (Stability/Angle Mode)
Assign a 3-position switch to CH6              (Configuration/Tilt)
Bind your Transmitter and Receiver
Set your system to output SBUS serial data
Set the channel output order to AETR (Like Futaba for S.Bus)
Significant Subtrim should not be required. (can set center to 1500 on receiver page)


1   Throttle        ->  †   (These settings need confirmation, see NOTE†)
2   Aileron         ->  †
3   Elevator        ->  †
4   Rudder          ->  †
5   Gear            ?   -as desired for stability selection
6   Aux1            ?‡  -as desired for fan tilt 'switch' direction
NOTE†: You must check Aileron, Elevator, Throttle 'Reversing' by rotating the virtual 'body' on the Receiver Page of the Configurator
NOTE‡: The internal Flex pilots set the CH6 switch UP/Back for forward flight and Low/Front for Hover. You can set per your preference.


Betaflight Travel Tune Notes

Flex is using the Mixes Screen to set Travel using the Weight parameter.

1    Throttle           98% High, 96% Low   
2    Aileron            +-98%
3    Elevator           +-98%
4    Rudder             +-98%
5    Profile-Stab       +-98%
6    Config-Tilt        +85 -55%  To Start - MUST adjust with gauges!
NOTE: Go to the Receiver Page in Configurator and fine tune Aileron, Elevator, and Rudder travel to 1000-1500-2000. (See notes on top of Configurator page)


Set a count down
Timer length suggestion for first flights
     2200mAh:            2:30
     2600mAh:            3:10
     3300mAh:            4:00

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