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Extra tips for a successful First Flight

  • Setup carefully per the manual. Pay extra attention to:
    • Elevon center with gauges
    • Fan angle (CH6) settings in 45 config, and Forward Flight config using gauges.
    • Center of Gravity
  • Consider using your first battery to get the feel for the Cypher in Hover and 45 modes.
  • When comfortable with the Hover and 45 modes, and early in a battery pack, climb to a safe altitude, level, and transition to forward flight.
  • Make any attitude adjustments during transition small and firm. Avoid over control and Pilot Induced Oscillation (PIO's)
  • Make a mental note (or to your spotter) of any forward flight trim needed. After landing, make adjustments to the elevon clevises as needed.
    • NOTE that the Cypher is expected to climb in forward flight when set with elevon gauges. If climbing, turn each Elevon clevis in 1 turn (1/2 if very close) and test again.
  • Take the gauges to the field with you for cross checking fan angles.

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