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Setup for using a Jeti Tx/Rx

Normal EXBUS Connects like SBUS
Betaflight Provider Setting

Always start with a reset/new transmitter model!

NOTE: You will use the 3-Pin to 4-Pin Male to Male cable provided to connect the Jeti Rx to the FLEXF3. This is the same cable arrangement shown on page 15 of the manual for the Futaba connections. (Non-Telemetry)
These instructions supplement the printed manual. Please read the manual before proceeding.

CYPHER/Betaflight Settings

Use one of the Betaflight configuration tools to make these settings. Be sure to SAVE the page after adjustments.

Configuration Page

Receiver Mode            ->  Serial Based Receiver (Cypher Default)
Serial Receiver Provider ->  JETIEXBUS
Telemetry slider         ->  OFF        (Cypher Default - Unless configuring with telemetry
                                         based using the other supplementary instructions)
SAVE the Page

Receiver Page

Channel Order            ->  TAER1234   (Cypher Default - Same order as Spektrum)
SAVE the Page

JETI Transmitter settings:

DS-16 Mode 2 transmitter and R3 EX RSW Receiver used for validations
(Most common models expected to work the SAME)
As always, start with a freshly RESET transmitter model.
You can verify the completed settings using the tools using the BetaFlight Configurator Receiver page.

Model->New Model

Name:                  FV-31 Cypher
Model Type:            Aero
Bind to Rx per Jeti instructions (verify function with servo in port 2 if desired)

Model->Basic Properties

Name:                  FV-31 Cypher
Wing type:             0 Flaps, 1 Ail
Tail type:             Normal 1H1V        (default)
Engine count:          1                  (default)
The rest are defaults                     (default)

Model->Functions Assignment

1   Ailerons       -control P1      -(default)
2   Elevator       -control P2      -(default)
3   Rudder         -control P3      -(default)
4   Throttle       -control P4      -(default)
5   Profile-Stabil -Sb   -or 2 position switch of users choice-stability profile
6   Config-Tilt    -Sa   -or 3 position switch of users choice-configuration/fan tilt
7   Arming         -Sd   -optional-use this or other sw if arming switch will be configured)
8   Mode Rates     -Sc   -optional-use if multi-rates will be implemented in BF for example)
9   R Slider       -P5   -optional-not currently used-drives spare servo port on FLEXF3)
10  L Slider       -P6   -optional-not currently used-drives spare servo port on FLEXF3)
NOTE: do NOT hit the Auto-Assign button!

Model->Servo Assignment

Sets output order to same as Spektrum: Links the above functions to ‘output slots’ in data stream
1    Throttle
2    Aileron
3    Elevator
4    Rudder
5    Profile-Stab      (Angle Mode / Stability 3 -vs- 6 axis)
6    Config-Tilt       (Fan Tilt / Configuration switch)
7    Arming            (Optional)
8    Mode Rates        (Optional
9    R Slider          (Optional)
10   L Slider          (Optional)

Model->Servo Setup

Betaflight Travel Tune Notes
All items set to defaults except as noted
ALL subtrims 0%             (defaults)

Travels                     -general
   All Max Positive  100%   -except for the Config/Tilt noted below     (defaults)
   All Max Negative -100%   -except for the Config/Tilt noted below     (defaults)
Travel for Config/Tilt      
   Max Positive      81%    -start with these and then you MUST adjust final angle w/gauges
   Max Negative     -57%

Reversing                    1-10 in Servo Assignment order as just above
   1  NO  ‡                  Normal is “Reverse NO”, Reverse is “Reverse YES”
   2  NO  ‡
   3  NO  ‡
   4  NO  ‡
   5  YES †    Or as user prefers for Stability/ANGLE MODE
   6  NO  §    Or as user prefers for Configuration/Fan Tilt
   7  NO  †
   8  NO  †
   9  NO  †
   10 NO  †
NOTE:† User can set items 5-10 per their preference
NOTE:‡ You must check Aileron, Elevator, Rudder 'Reversing' by rotating the virtual 'body' on the Receiver Page of the Configurator
NOTE:§ The internal Flex pilots set the CH6 switch UP/Back for forward flight and Low/Front for Hover. You can set per your preference.
Do the command and gyro checks in the manual


Timers:    Set a free running
Timer length suggestion for first flights
     2200mAh:            2:30
     2600mAh:            3:00
     3300mAh:            3:40
Other settings for telemetry/Alarms can be introduced in Wiki

Model->Device Explorer

With system powered and bound
  Under Receiver             Example: R3 EX with ‘Check Mark’
     Serial Link:            EX Bus
     Note the JETIBOX/EX Bus Pin “Value” for plugging in Male to Male Cable.
     On the R3-EX it is “Ext” which is marked “4/EXT” on the receiver.
     The rest of settings are defaults/or as user desires
Note: Output period shows 17ms

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