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Adding electrical powered accessories and power considerations - IMPORTANT!

  • The Cypher's ESC includes and Switching Battery Eliminator Circuit (SBEC). It is tested an validated to provide power and safety margin for the Cypher as delivered with included/recommended accessories. If adding additional items to the circuit with significant current draw (servos, retracts, FPV gear for example), it is required to install a larger external SBEC while disabling the ESC's internal SBEC (remove its "+" connector wire).
  • The FLEXF3 Control board is powered by the ESC's SBEC via the second servo port. The SBEC then directly powers servo ports 2-8.
    • The other FLEXF3 accessory ports are powered via further diode isolation on the FLEXF3 Board. These ports include:
      • Digital Receiver Serial Port
      • PPM Receiver Port
      • Bluetooth Serial Port
      • LED Port
    • Power is sufficient for all recommended accessories, but not for significant additions.
    • Do NOT add additional loads(servos, retracts, FPV Gear, etc), to the Receiver, for example, without first disabling its power from the FLEXF3 (remove "+" wire from FLEXF3 to Rx cable) and then powering the receiver from an added external SBEC capable of powering your devices. When not following this advise, power loss, or DAMAGE to the FLEXF3 could occur.