F-100D Super Sabre 90mm EDF Latest Updates, Build Tips and Addendum

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Latest Updates

Latest Online Manual

The Latest Version of the F-100D Manual is available online.
Proper F-100D CG Locations
  • This version matches the printed manual.

Addendums and Additional Info

Center of Gravity

  • The CG section of the F-100D manual had some conflicting information displayed. The correct CG's are listed in the image to the right. Click for the full sized image.

ESC Wires

  • Check that the 3 ESC/Motor wires are fully plugged in before installing the Fin.
  • We recommend securing them with heat shrink or electrical tape to remove any chance they could be pulled loose.

Care Tips

  • As with all foam planes, and especially those with dark colors and cockpits, keep your plane out of direct sunlight (or cover it) when not flying!
  • TIP: You can use a small drill bit or a #11 knife blade to make a small 2-3mm hole in the clear canopy above the ejection seat. This will reduce the temperatures a bit in the cockpit due to the 'greenhouse effect'. Hot cars and direct Sun are also bad for the finish.
  • Use foam, a soft stand, or towels, or similar items to protect your models surface and finish when working on it, or transporting it!


  • In addition to the JR DMSS receivers listed in the manual, the RG812BX should be a good choice as well. Avoid the BPX receivers as they will not do servo pulses and serial data at the same time.
  • We recommend updating to the very latest Aura Firmware v1.14 or higher and then set the 'new to Aura' JR XBUS MODE A serial data in the transmitter and the Aura.
  • Using MODE A, you can physically wire/connect it just like Futaba diagram in the manual (P. 7). Throttle and Gear in the Receivers ports. Xbus to Port B in Aura.
  • More information can be found in the Aura Brand Tips

Jeti EX Bus Use

  • Note that EX Bus is now the preferred Jeti connection with Aura. More information can be found in the Aura Brand Tips

Spektrum SRXL2 Use

  • Note that the AR6610T using SRXL2 is working with the Aura and F-100D. More information can be found in the Aura Brand Tips

Build Tips

  • The Drop Tanks are fully assembled, no need to assemble the fins onto the tanks.

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