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Aura Files and Setup Notes

Click a link below to Download the Aura Config file

NOTE: The Aura PRO file is set to use a Remote Sensor. In the case you are not using a Remote Sensor, disable it in the config tool.

NOTE: Please update Aura to Firmware 1.14 or Newer (latest is best) to utilize these files!

Transmitter Setting Tips when using Aura

  • Use Standard Aura Transmitter settings adjusting per the following
  • As always with Aura... Wing and Tail Type is Normal. 1 Aileron, 1 Elevator, 1 Rudder, and 1 (normal/simple) Flap
    • Flaperon mixing will be done by Aura using the Flap Data (DO NOT set Flaperon in Transmitter when using AURA)
  • Use a Receiver with a working Throttle Port. Throttle (ESC or ECU) is plugged into the Receiver.
  • CH5 is reserved for Retract Sequencer Use via Receiver's CH5/Gear Port (set 2-position switch)
  • CH6 is the simple/single Flap 'data' that Aura will Mix into Flaperons. Use transmitter Land or Flap System if available. (set 3 (or 2) position switch)
  • CH7 is reserved for Wheel Brakes, Use via Receiver's CH7/Aux2 Port. We use a SLIDER or other proportional input for Brakes. You could move it to a different available channel as needed.
  • CH8 is reserved for Aura Master Gain (but is NOT enabled in Control Modes (set proportional knob or slider if desired, and enable in Control Modes) CH8 could be re-assigned/re-used if not used for Master Gain.
  • CH9 is used for Flight Mode Change (Could be changed to CH7 for example (if not using Wheel Brakes) on the Aura Setup Tab (set 3-position switch)
  • For FULL Functionality a 9 channel or higher transmitter is used.
    • Can be 7 or 8 channels if not using Wheel Brakes and/or Master Gain. Move Aura Flight Mode Setup on the Aura Setup Tab to CH7 (or CH8) in these cases and use the matching Transmitter Channel with appropriate 3-position switch assigned.
  • For FULL Functionality use a Receiver with Serial Output and at least 7 or 8 working servo ports
    • Examples Spektrum AR8010T, Futaba R7008SB, JR RG812BX, Jeti REX 10

General Aura Guidelines for File Use.

  • Download the appropriate file for your Aura and move it to a known directory on your PC
  • Open the Aura Config Tool (update tool if update is available)
    • Please make sure your Aura Firmware is v1.14 or newer
  • Open the Aura Config File (.acf) from the saved location.
  • On the Setup Tab, select your Radio Brand and Protocol and Connection Port.
  • Verify that the Orientation of the Aura is as-set on the Setup Tab, Adjust as needed.
  • Save your file.
  • Write all to Aura
  • Power up and adjust settings in Servo Ports Tab as needed (and Save and Write to Aura frequently)
    • Reversing may be needed depending on Servo Brand, etc.
    • Subtrim will likely be needed.
    • You can tweak Output Scale (travel) as needed to make surfaces move symmetrically/equally
  • Perform and pass all Control and Sensor Tests

Aura Servo Port Assignments as seen in Servo Ports

  • S1 Left Flaperon
  • S2 Right Flaperon
  • S3 Left Elevator (aka Taileron)
  • S4 Right Elevator (aka Taileron)
  • S5 Rudder
  • S6 Nosewheel Steering
  • S7 CH7 Tx Data assigned (Can be re-assigned as needed in Servo Port S7 -> Output Type)
  • S8 CH8 Tx Data assigned (Can be re-assigned)

Special File Implementation Notes and Expert Tuning

  • Aura Flight modes are:
    • FM1 Low Rates -- Gyro OFF
    • FM2 Low Rates -- Gyro Med-Low -- with Taileron
    • FM3 High Rates -- Gyro Low -- with Taileron
  • The Nosewheel Steering is coupled specifically to allow it to be turned OFF when the Gear is UP
    • Rudder Channel Data is mixed (copied) to CH21 inside Aura via Aura Mix 1. CH21 will be used to drive the steering Servo.
      • This Aura mix is turned ON and OFF via the CH5/Gear switch
      • If Reversing the Gear switching action is necessary (Steering is working when UP instead of DOWN), you may need to change the Switch Position where the Mix is ACTIVE vs. INACTIVE inside Aura Mix 1!
    • CH21 Steering Data is then output on Servo Port S6 for Steering Servo
  • Aileron transmitter roll input is put into the Horizontal Stabs (elevators) in Flight Modes 2 and 3 to make them Tailerons
    • Aileron Data is copied to CH22 using Aura Mix 3 in Flight Modes 2 and 3 as Checked
    • CH22 Is added to the Stabs as 'Sources' in Servo Ports S3 and S4.
    • Roll Gyro inputs are NOT made to the Stabs, only Pitch Gyro inputs are put into the Stabs.
    • Tailerons free up the model to allow faster roll rates and a crisper response and improve roll response when Flaperons are used, but are not required. You could choose to disable them and increase the Aileron Travel a bit.
  • You can easily adjust your Flaperons' Flap travel and even flap transit speed using your Transmitter's features on CH6
    • Right and Left Flaps travel can be easily adjusted (independent of Aileron Output Scale/Travel with the Source2/CH6 Mix Scale values in Servo Ports S1 and S2.

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