Mamba Electric Conversion

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Mamba Electric Conversion

The Mamba was designed with electric conversion in mind. The aircraft has designed in a forward hatch that makes access to batteries and connectors easy. The 'fuel tank tray' is located to work as a basis for a battery Tray/Mount.

Flight time of this relatively light 5000mAh setup is about 4-4.5 minutes with proper throttle management and a good reserve. Make first flights about 2/3 of this time and check remaining capacity while breaking in and balancing your packs.

The primary conversion is strengthening the 'fuel tank tray' to work as a 'battery tray'.

Power System (as demonstrated by Flex Innovations)

Reinforced the Battery Tray

Thin and medium CA Glue was used for all. See Images

  • Approximately 1/2 wide strips of Carbon plate (~.080" thick) was used in two places to reinforce the structure under the tray. It was wrapped to the structure with carbon chord (tow).
    • At the aft end under the battery tray oriented vertically. Carbon chord wraps used.
    • At the middle of the tray oriented flat against the bottom of the tray. Carbon chord wraps used.
  • Two strips of Carbon plate were laminated to the top of the tray to stiffen it and to apply velcro® to.
    • The aft edge of the plates were thinned to allow carbon chord wraps to be applied to prevent delamination.
    • A hole were made in the front center of each plate, and the plated was wrapped to the existing structure with carbon chord to prevent delamination.
  • Holes and slots were made in the tray to allow for carbon wraps, and velcro® straps