Mamba10/4S Motors

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Mamba 10 4S (14.8V) Motors

The Mamba 10 can be upgraded with 2 different 4S (14.8V) motor options:

  • The Potenza 10, 1020kV Motor
  • The Potenza 10, 1070kV Motor

Both motors are great options and will fly the aircraft very well. The 1020kV motor will offer a little longer flight time, with a little less power. The 1070kV motor will offer the most power, but with the shortest flight time. Flight times will vary depending on the pilot, but there is usually minimal difference between the two; less than 20 seconds difference.

4S Motor Propellers

  • The 1020kV motor can be used with either the stock prop or the APC 12 x 4.5MR propeller.
  • The 1070kV motor can ONLY be used with the stock SR 11.5 x 4.5 propeller and a 50A ESC. The 1070kV motor should not be used with the APC 12 x 4.5MR propeller noted above. Using the APC propeller with the 1070kV motor will cause failure of your ESC and/or motor.