Mamba 60E+ Latest Updates, Build Tips and Addendum

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Latest Updates

Latest Online Manual

The Latest Version of the Mamba 60E+ Manual can be found at the link to the left.

  • There have been a few updates from the original printed manual.
    • The Mamba 60E Addendum was incorporated into this version of the manual. See the addendum for more details.
    • The Replacement Parts listing on page 3 was updated.
      • FPM397017 -"Mamba 60E Wheel Pant Set" replaced the wheel pant set that was previously listed in the printed manual.
    • Flex Innovations Inc. was replaced with Flex Innovations LLC


The manual addendum and Aura connection document can be found here: Mamba 60E Addendum

  • It was found that the factory improperly configured the aileron servo extensions in the Aura 8. Check and verify that your servo extensions are plugged in to the ports as shown below. If they are not configured in this way, remove them from the Aura and configure them accordingly. This is also shown properly on Page 11 of the instruction manual.
    • S1 - Throttle (ESC/BEC), if applicable*
      • Only use throttle in S1 if your receiver does not have a functioning throttle port.
    • S2 - Left, Bottom Aileron
    • S3 - Left, Top Aileron
    • S4 - Right, Bottom Aileron
    • S5 - Right, Top Aileron
    • S6 - Elevator
    • S7 - Rudder
    • S8 - LED Controller (if applicable to your version).
  • It was found that the Wing Type listed in the Transmitter Configuration Guide on page 9 of the instruction manual was incorrect. Please select 1 aileron, 1 elevator, 1 rudder as the wing type in your transmitter.
  • It was found that the main wing mounting screws listed on page 24 of the instruction manual are incorrect. The proper wing mounting screws are (4) M3x10 Phillips head machine screws, included in a bag labeled Main Wing.

Build Tips

  • Ensure that the wing tubes fully seat into each wing. If the wing tubes come to a hard, audible, wood-like stop, you still have about 1/4-inch further to insert the wing tube into the wing. The wing tube stops against foam material, not wood. The wood material at the tip of the tube is the last ring that the wing tube needs to pass through.
  • The cabane struts (top wing center section to fuselage) can be left unglued if transportation is an issue, but for better longevity, we highly recommend gluing the cabane struts in place with 15-minute epoxy. (Page 16 of the instruction manual)