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The QQ Extra 300 is a 3D aerobatic aircraft designed for pilots of different skill levels. Probably the ideal “second” airplane after the trainer and also the ideal everyday airplane for advance to master pilots. Based on the full scale Extra 300 aircraft,the QQ Extra 300 is the scale “light wing” version. providing extremely stability at slow speed.

Looking at closer to some of the aerodynamic details of the QQ Extra 300, the Vortex Generators located about 20% of the wing chord (top and bottom skin) increase stability at high angle of attach. Will also “soften” the stall from being less sharp and abrupt. The also known as VG's energize the air and increase roll control at slow speed or during harrier maneuvering. Flying surface with thick trailing edge provides to the QQ Extra 300 a “clean drag” to help to slow down down-lines or to as simple decreasing deceleration time.

The wing airfoil provide by the designer is thick and the highest center of pressure close to the wing CG point. From highest point to trailing edge it is a quiet straight line to increase lift. This airfoil allows the QQ Extra 300 to use a “neutral CG”. This means the airplane at any airspeed will maintain a solid pitch line (no climbing or descending). This is very noticeable during inverted flight where no elevator pressure it is required. Also this can be seen during landings where the landing approach can be done with no small pitch correction and control altitude with throttle. Only a larger elevator input it is need it to rotate the airplane for landing. At all range of airspeed the pitch stability it is remarkable.

Designer Quique Somenzini (from where the letters QQ comes from) made different adjustments to the scale airplane. The most obvious is the wing platform for all the reason explained above. There are other changes not so visible but they all work together for the high performance of this aircraft. This includes, motor angle, wing/stab incidence, dihedral, vertical fin and larger control surfaces. The airframe it is made out of foam (EPO). Hollow wings, hollow fuselage engineer to provide light weight and rigidity. It included a revolutionary engine box made out of plywood and design to stop all twisting and moving around ( from gyroscopic force) happening between the prop and the airframe. The plywood engine box has long extensions to the wing tube and careful engineered to save weight and strength. This not only benefit the flight performance with greater control and precision, but also provide great resistance to impacts.

The electronics are lead by the incredible performance of the Aura 8 . It provides incredible stability, smooth and precise feel. The Aura in cooperation with the QQ Extra 300 it makes what most of the Flex Innovations/Premier Aircraft customers had said “the best airplane they ever flew”, “the easiest airplane they ever flew” “The smoothest and most precise airplane they ever flew”.

The high performance Potenza 10 motor combined with the light weight of the airframe and the high performance of the SR prop allows the QQ Extra 300 to fly with fully authority from hover with strong “punch” to a great top airspeed. All done with efficiency to provide 5-6 min flight.

Four DS19 servos with the generous torque of 2.2kg-cm and speed of 0.13 sec/60 degree provides great control and precision. Overall the QQ Extra 300 is a clear leader of its class and has raised the bar to a new level.

Quique Somenzini

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