RV-8 Latest Updates, Build Tips and Addendum

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Latest Updates

Printed Manual Typo


Latest Online Manual

The Latest Version of the RV-8 Manual is available online.

  • This version matches the printed manual.


The ZTW ESC Addendum is available online.

Build Tips

  • The control horns on the RV-8 are made from plastic. While they are very durable and work well for flight applications, if the screw and lock nut holding the ball link to the control horn is over-tightened, the control horn can break. The plastic in the lock nut prevents the nut from backing off, and because of that, it does not need to be tightened significantly to stay in place. 'Snug' will do!
  • We have found that some ZTW 100A ESCs included in the Cessna 170 and RV-8 may not be calibrated properly from the factory, which may cause issues with motor function. For this reason, we recommend that our customers with the ZTW 100A ESC re-calibrate the ESC to ensure proper performance. Follow the video below for calibration of the ZTW 100A ESC.