Ventique 60e Build Tips and Aura Install

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  • There have been a couple of reports of the set screws coming loose in the Potenza 60 470kv Motor. During the build, please remove the shaft set screws one at a time from the bell housing (flange) and the shaft retaining collar, apply 242 loctite, and tighten them securely. Motor instructions with images can be seen here
  • Ventique Aura Installation Instructions
    Reinforce the Tray
    • Mount the Aura oriented as shown on the Platform behind the wing tube with two-sided tape and secure with a hook-and-loop strap.
    • Fabricate a plywood or balsa diagonal brace from the platform to the former near the floor to stiffen the mounting platform, otherwise, you will have significant vibration feedback into the gyro sensors.
    • The Aura Config File for the Ventique can be easily built in the New Aura Config File "Wizard" by selecting the "Aura Config Type: Ventique", and then choosing the other details of your setup in the Wizard.
    • After you setup is complete, secure the Aura with a hook-and-loop strap
  • Ventique Manual in English and German
  • When using the new "T" Spektrum Receivers such as the AR8010T, the Aura MUST be updated via Aura Config Tool to Firmware 1.4 to establish connection via SRXL as noted on our AR8010T page.