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Futaba Installation Notes and Equipment Selection

There are two ways to connect the Aura to your Futaba Receiver:

  • Futaba S.Bus
  • Traditional PWM Servo Connection

NOTE: Any recommendations are based on years of knowledge and product use and are informational only.

  • We do not 'specify' radio installations. Consult your radio manufacturer for radio information.
  • We test and support the use genuine Futaba brand equipment.

Futaba S.Bus

  • Preferred way to connect the Aura to Futaba Receivers
  • S.Bus - S.Bus is serial data on one wire (Digital). It gives the Aura knowledge of all of the available Futaba channels.
    • Aura will follow the Failsafe outputs of the Futaba Receiver.
    • Recommended for all aircraft types
    • S.Bus Input plugs into standard Aura 8's Port B (Servo Bus). Port A is preferred for Aura Professionals.
    • Precise digital Data
    • Availability of all 8 (or 12) Aura Ports as outputs
    • Receiver ports are also active and available for use
    • Dual Receiver setups are possible with the Aura Professionals.

Traditional PWM Servo Connections

  • Least preferred
  • Recommended for all aircraft types.
  • Supports virtually all receivers
  • Limits port availability. Typically Aura will be configured with 4 inputs and 4 outputs (8 outputs with Aura 12 Professional) with PWM. Additionally, you may use Throttle and any other ports that are available on your Futaba Receiver.

Installing your Aura

General information regarding Installing the Aura.

Additional information for Large Aircraft Installs.

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