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Jeti Installation Notes

If you have any issues, successes or feedback regarding using Aura with Jeti, we'd love to get your feedback! Please send E-mail to Aura Support

Jeti Setup Using EX Bus Input

Always start with a reset/new transmitter model!

These instructions supplement the general Aura Instructions. Please read the User Guide before proceeding.

Preliminary Aura Settings for Jeti EX Bus

Use the Aura Config Tool to make these settings. Be sure to SAVE the settings and "Write All to Aura" after adjustments.


  • Run the Flex -> New Aura Config File Wizard in the Aura Config Tool and fill it out as you normally would.
    • Typically you would choose No Throttle in Throttle Type and use a Jeti Receiver Port.
    • Choose Jeti for Transmitter Type
    • Choose Jeti EX Bus for Reciever Type
    • Choose Port A for Aura Port for Aura Pro, Choose Port B for Aura.
  • Finish the Wizard.
  • File -> Save and put the file in a know folder on your PC
  • Connect and Write All to Aura to load your initial settings on the Aura

Setup Tab

  • Go to the Setup tab and confirm the Transmitter and Receiver Setup as above.

JETI Transmitter and Receiver Settings:

DS-16 Mode 2 transmitter and REX10 Receiver used for some of the validations
(Most common models expected to work the SAME)
As always, start with a freshly RESET transmitter model.
You can verify the completed settings using the tools using the Live Data on the Aura Config Tools Setup Tab

Model->New Model

Name:                  Aura EX Bus  (choose name for your model)
Model Type:            Aero
Bind to Rx per Jeti instructions (verify function with servo in port 2 if desired)

Model->Basic Properties

Name:                  Aura EX Bus  (choose name for your model)
Wing type:             1 Flaps, 1 Ail  (Choose 0 Flaps if flaps not used)
Tail type:             Normal 1H1V        (default, ALWAYS CHOOSE)
Engine count:          1                  (default)
The rest are defaults                     (default)
NOTE: Aura always wants to see ONLY 1 Aileron, 1 Elevator, and 1 Rudder as inputs!

Model->Functions Assignment

1   Ailerons       -control P1      -(default)
2   Elevator       -control P2      -(default)
3   Rudder         -control P3      -(default)
4   Throttle       -control P4      -(default)
5   Aura FMode     -Sa  -or 3 position switch of users choice-Aura Flight Modes
6   Flaps          -Sd  -or 3 position switch of users choice-or other/Flaps
7   Aux2           -Sd  -optional- use as desired 
8   Aux3 or MGain  -P7  -optional-can use for Aura Master Gain
9   R Slider       -P5  -optional
10  L Slider       -P6  -optional
NOTE: Do NOT hit the Auto-Assign button!
NOTE: 6-10+ are considered optional and can be assigned as desired while considering the notes above.

Model->Servo Assignment

Sets output order to standard read by Aura: Links the above functions to ‘output slots’ in data stream
1    Throttle
2    Aileron
3    Elevator
4    Rudder
5    Aura FMode     (Chooses between FM1, 2, 3)
6    Flaps          (Optional Flaps data to Aura)
7    Aux2           (Optional)
8    Aux3 or MGain  (Optional Aura Master Gain)
9    R Slider       (Optional)
10   L Slider       (Optional)

Model->Servo Setup

All items set to defaults except as noted
ALL subtrims 0%     (defaults DO NOT change in Ail, Elev, Rudd)

Travels                     -general
   Ail, Elev, Rud,       Max Positive  98%      (defaults)
   Ail, Elev, Rud,       Max Negative -98%      (defaults)
   Aura FMode            Max Positive  78%
   Aura FMode            Max Negative -78%
  NOTE: Throttle +-78% or as calibrated. Other Channels as desired by User

Reversing                    1-10 in Servo Assignment order as just above
   1  NO  ‡                  Normal is “Reverse NO”, Reverse is “Reverse YES”
   2  NO  ‡
   3  NO  ‡
   4  NO  ‡
   5  YES †    Or as user prefers for Aura Flight Modes
   6  NO  †   
   7  NO  †
   8  NO  †
   9  NO  †
   10 NO  †
NOTE:† User can set items 5-10 per their preference
NOTE:‡ You must confirm Aileron, Elevator, Rudder 'Reversing' by viewing the direction of the Virtual Stick on the Setup tab with Live Data ON.
Do the transmitter command and sensor checks in the manual


Timers:    Set a free running
Timer length suggestion for first flights
     Set Timer as desired
Other settings for telemetry/Alarms can be introduced in Wiki
*Bind your receiver to your transmitter at this time. Verify your receiver can drive a servo plugged into and Rx Port.

Model->Device Explorer

REX10 example:
With system powered and receiver bound
  Under Device Explorer      REX10 with ‘Check Mark’
    Select REX10
      Select Alternative Pin Config
        Select OutPin E1 and set to EX Bus
     Note the Male to Male Cable will go from PORT A or B (as set above) in Aura -to- E1 port in the Jeti REX10

R3RSW example:  (Displays as R3-EX)
With system powered and receiver bound
  Under Device Explorer      R3-EX with ‘Check Mark’
    Select R3-EX
      Set Serial Link => EX Bus
      Should show Ex Bus pin:    Ext.
     Note: You have the option to output channels other than Thro, Aile, Elev on pins
     1-3 in the Receiver Outputs sub-menu
     Note the Male to Male Cable will go from PORT A or B (as set above) in Aura -to- 4/Ext port in the Jeti R3-EX

   The rest of settings are defaults/or as user desires
   Note: Output period shows 17ms

Continue setup using the Aura Config Tool for flight controls, and other controls as configured.


Jeti Legacy UDI Method

NOTE: You can click the link just above for alternate instructions to use the UDI Method of connecting Jeti to Aura. This method is more difficult and less preferred.

Installing your Aura

General information regarding Installing the Aura.

Additional information for Large Aircraft Installs.

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