QQ Extra 300 Build Tips

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All generations QQ Extra

  • When programming your Transmitter per the manual, it is strongly recommended to start with a new 'freshly reset' airplane model memory, then apply the few settings per page 8 in the manual.
  • Do NOT put the Aura Configuration Reference Settings into the Transmitter. They are pre-programmed into the Aura and listed for REFERENCE ONLY.
  • QQ Extra G2 Manual in English

Legacy Generation 1 notes no longer expected to be relevant:

  • Wing Install Addendum for Aircraft delivered before February, 2016. Some aircraft had wing installation issues.
  • A small number of aircraft delivered during August of 2015 had Firmware Version 1.0. These aircraft are subject to a Mandatory update to V1.1 or higher. Version 1.1 and higher are all supported for use. Firmware version can be checked and updated with the Aura Config Tool and Firmware Update Instructions are here.
  • When using the new "T" Spektrum Receivers such as the AR8010T, the Aura MUST be updated via Aura Config Tool to Firmware 1.4 to establish connection via SRXL as noted on our AR8010T page.
  • Firmware v1.2 offers these enhancements for Extra Users over v1.1
    • Improved booting. Fixes a rare issue where the Aura could hang during power-up.
    • Added 'Quick' features; Quick Trim, and Quick Check.
  • Be sure to review the Auto-Detect Addendum in preparation for your first flight.
  • QQ Extra G1 Manual in English and German