QQ Yak 54 35cc - Aura First Flight and Trimming

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QQ Yak 54 35cc - First Flight With Aura

After following all the steps in the QQ Yak 54 35cc Manual and the QQ Yak 54 35cc Aura Installation Wiki page, you are ready for your first QQ Yak 54 35cc flight with Aura!

Please take a look at our suggested first flight steps. Be safe and enjoy your QQ Yak 54 35cc!

Step 1 - Test your Failsafe

While on the ground, test your failsafe behavior before your first flight!

  • For the QQ Yak 54 35cc, the Aura will pass thru your transmitter's failsafe commands if using one of our recommended receiver connections.
  • Confirm that the failsafe functions properly. Power on the transmitter and airplane, and set throttle to half (make sure no motor batteries are plugged in, or the engine is not running!). Shut the transmitter off, and verify that the throttle then moves to the idle or off position. Adjust failsafe in your transmitter as needed.

Step 2 - Know your Gyro Kill Switch

While on the ground, toggle the Gyro Kill Switch on your Transmitter to test that the Gyro Kill Switch functionality.

  • The Gyro Kill switch should be a 2 Position switch that affects the Ch7/Aux2 Channel.
  • Before you fly, know which switch on your transmitter turns ON and OFF the gyro functions.
  • You should not need to turn the gyro off unless it is an emergency such the Aura mounting coming loose in the airplane or incorrect Aura programming.

Step 3 - Know your Aura Flight Mode Switch

While on the ground, experiment with the Aura Flight Mode switch to see how the rates and gains change as you change the Aura Flight Mode.

  • The Flight Mode switch should be a 3 Position switch that affects the Gear Channel.
  • Refer to QQ Yak 54 35cc Aura Installation page for a detailed description of the Aura Flight Modes.
  • Make sure you understand the QQ Yak 54 Flight Modes before your first flight!

Step 4 - Move your Flight Mode Switch to the Middle Position to Put the Aura in Flight Mode 2

  • Flight mode 2 is Low Rates and Low Gains. This is a great Aura Flight Mode for the initial take off and trim flight.

Step 5 - Take off and Trim the Airplane in flight

  • Take off, get to a safe altitude, and check trims.
  • If the airplane needs any trim, use your transmitter trim buttons and trim the airplane at 1/2-2/3 throttle.

Step 6 - Land and Quick Trim if necessary

After trimming your QQ Yak54 35cc, bring it in for a landing. If you have transmitter trim with Aura, you may experience changes in trims as you change the Aura Flight Mode. To eliminate any trim changes when the Aura Flight Mode is changed, you can mechanically adjust the control surfaces or use the Aura 'Quick Trim' feature.

'Quick Trim' easily stores any required trims in the Aura without needing to use the Aura Config Tool. The 'Quick Trim' feature will learn the current trims in the airplane, and store them in the Aura. After 'Quick Trim', you remove the trim in your transmitter.

Additional information on Quick Trim with with the Flex Innovations Ventique

Note: The 'Quick Trim' procedure below can only be used for Receivers connected to Aura via a modern Digital Receiver Connection (such as Spektrum SRXL, Futaba S.Bus, Graupner SUMD, JR Mode B, etc). The 'Quick Trim' procedure can only be started from the Aura Config Tool for Receivers connected to Aura via traditional PWM Servo Connections.

To 'Quick Trim' your QQ Yak 54 35cc with a modern Digital Receiver connection:

  1. Leave the transmitter powered on after the trim flight
  2. Leave the transmitter in the same flight mode you trimmed the model in.
  3. Completely power down the Aura and the airplane
  4. Remove the Servo from 'Port S3' of the Aura
  5. Place a bind plug in 'Port S3' of the Aura
  6. With the transmitter still powered on, apply power to the Aura and the Receiver.
  7. With the Bind Plug in 'Port S3' of the Aura, the Aura will enter 'Quick Trim' mode which is indicated by a slowly flashing Blue LED.
  8. After a few seconds, remove the Bind Plug from 'Port S3' of the Aura. The Blue LED will start flashing more quickly indicating the trim values have been saved.
  9. After a few more seconds, completely power down the Aura and the Receiver.
  10. Plug the Servo back into 'Port S3' of the Aura
  11. Zero all the trims on your transmitter to complete the Quick Trim procedure.

After completing the 'Quick Trim' procedure, the next time you power up the aircraft the control surfaces will be in their "trimmed" positions even though you have reset your transmitter trims back to zero.

Page #3 of the Aura Quick Start Guide also discusses Quick Trim

Step 7 - Have fun with your new QQ Yak 54 35cc!