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Build Tips

  • The manual printing is dark. If you need to see certain photos better, you can view the PDF online by clicking on this Manual Link
  • The manual does not cover installing the wheels on the axles.
    • Place a wheel onto an axle
    • Apply blue thread lock to the set screw
    • Install wheel collar and snug the set screw with the included 1.5mm hex driver
  • Page 26, step two should read:
2. Once the vertical fins have dried, use a #1 Phillips screwdriver and the screws removed from the tilt setup section to secure the rear hatch assembly onto the fuselage. Note that the two larger diameter screws are used for the front mount locations.
  • Page 27, step two: When installing the wing, the corner of the aft edge aligning tab interferes slightly with the socket. It can be simply pushed in from the tip and will pop right in. If you prefer, you can use a sharp knife to chamfer the corner of the tab a few millimeters.
    Cypher CG Location!
  • Page 28, step four: For the grey painted Cyphers, you do not need to put wing tape on the top painted surface. You can put an extra tape long ways over the servo wire on bottom. This is also ok for the white Cyphers.
  • Page 37, A couple of users have mis-read the CG instructions. Please be sure to read them correctly and look at the graphic!
The recommended starting CG is located 21mm (13/16 inch) FORWARD of the aft edge of the plastic belly pan.

Angle Mode Calibration

Please Calibrate the accelerometer before first flights as described in the manual and on the Cypher Wiki Main Page

Key adjustments before first flight for smooth transitions! Set per manual:

  • Adjust fan angle with gauges and mechanical -or- transmitter channel 6 travel adjustments for:
    • 45 degree/Magic (Mechanical - Ball Link)
    • 0 degree/Forward Flight (Tx Travel) -- !IMPORTANT!
    • Hover fan angle. (Tx Travel)
  • Adjust elevon angles with gauge. (Mechanical - Clevis Turn)
  • Check CG
  • NOTE: The elevon gauge sets the Cypher conservatively. Your Cypher is likely to climb a bit in forward flight initially. If adjustments are needed, land and turn the elevon clevises. Example, if climbing, turn both clevises in 1 turn and try again. Repeat as needed.
Initially climbing is better than diving!

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