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Aura Connections

After mounting the Aura, 3 types of connections must be made to the Aura:

  1. Receiver Connections
  2. Servo Connections
  3. Power Connections

For typical advanced sport aircraft, we recommend using a full-range receiver with a modern Digital Connection rather than traditional PWM Servo Connections.

  • Using a modern digital receiver connection gives the Aura access to precise data of each channel for additional gyro enabled outputs, simplifies wiring, and allows for more advanced features. If you are connecting your Receiver to Aura via a modern Digital Connection, continue to Step 5.1.A.
  • The Aura can be used with a traditional PWM Servo Connection from a standard receiver, but it may require Y-Harnessing the Ailerons (if dual elevator servos are used) and losing the capability turn off the gyro during flight or scale gains. If you are connecting your Receiver to the Aura via traditional PWM Servo Connections, continue to Step 5.1.B.

Step 5.1.A - Modern Digital Receiver Connections

A modern Digital Connection is Spektrum SRXL, Futaba S.Bus, Graupner Hott SUMD, JR Mode B, etc. A single Male-to-Male servo extension is connected between the Digital Port on your Receiver and 'Port B' on the Aura as shown below.

Modern Digital Receivers transfer all Channel data over a single Male-to-Male extension from the Receiver to the Aura B Port

Some examples of modern Digital Receivers are:

If you are using a modern Digital Receiver Connection to Aura (SRXL, S.Bus, Graupner Hott, JR Mode B), wire the servos as shown below: (This example shows the 'data' path using the 35cc QQ Yak 54 and is typical of .40 cu. in. to 40cc aircraft. Larger and smaller aircraft can also use this 'data' path.)

  • Servo Wiring to the Aura and Receiver using a Modern Digital Receiver Connection with a Gas Setup
  • Servo Wiring to the Aura and Receiver using a Modern Digital Receiver Connection with an Electric Setup
Step 5.1.B - Traditional PWM Servo Connections

NOTE: PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is simply the technical term the Servo Ports/Servo Signal of a Traditional RC Receiver.
A traditional PWM Servo Connection is made using 4 Male-to-Male Servo extensions from the Receiver to the Aura Ports. Connect the Aura to the Receiver and Servos as shown below. (This method strongly connects the Aura Bus (power) to the Receiver Bus with 4 PWM leads.)
It can be used on any size model as long as an appropriate Receiver is chosen, and adequate power is supplied to the common bus.
These example shows typical Dual Elevator (QQ Yak 54) and Single Elevator connections. The user of PWM will typically choose in the Aura Config Tool, Wing types of 1 aileron, 2 elevators if 2 elevators are required (Y-harness ailerons if required). Otherwise, they will typically choose 2 ailerons and 1 elevator.

Servo Wiring to the Aura and Receiver using a Traditional PWM Servo Connections from the Receiver and for Dual Elevators. Note the Table shows the CONNECTIONS IN to and OUT of Aura
Analog (PWM) "Servo Lead" Data Connection. Typical Single Elevator connection shown. ALL (Four or as programmed in Aura Config Tool) expected PWM inputs must be present to establish a link successfully

Step 5.2 - Power Connections

For smaller aircraft, you may use a single battery or BEC of your choice

For 25cc and larger aircraft, we recommended using two batteries for power and redundancy.

  • Battery #1 is connected to an unused port on the Aura such as Port S1.
  • Battery #2 is connected to an unused port on the Receiver such as the BATT Port.
  • This setup provides two sources of power to both the Aura and the Receiver.
    • If desired, High Quality Switches can be used between Battery #1 and the Aura, as well as Battery #2 and the Receiver.

We also strongly recommended use an additional 2-Wire Male-to-Male extension between an unused Aura port such as Port S8 and an unused Receiver Port.

  • Disconnect the Signal Wire if using a 3-Wire Male-to-Male Cable.
  • This provides a redundant path of current between the Aura and Receiver.

Power Tips for 25cc to 40cc Aircraft:

  • For Gas Setups, Battery #3 will act as the Ignition battery. For Electric Setups, the Battery #3 will power the Motor.
  • Always used matched batteries (Voltage, Capacity, C Rating, Quality, etc) for Battery #1 and Battery #2.
  • Always DOUBLE CHECK THE POLARITIES on the battery connections as plugging batteries in backward can destroy the Aura or Receiver or other components!
  • Servo Wiring to the Aura and Receiver using a Modern Digital Receiver Connection with a Gas Setup
  • Servo Wiring to the Aura and Receiver using a Modern Digital Receiver Connection with an Electric Setup

Note: Flex Innovations does not test or support the use of high power BEC's or regulators in 20cc or larger Open Stock applications. Selection and use of these products is completely at the discretion of the User.

For Larger aircraft similar concepts apply. You can find additional information at Large Aircraft Installs.